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to my first mother...
I'm bloomin' glad
you're in my life now
Happy Mother's Day


Though not the one
who raised me
You gave me life
On Birthmother's Day
you're in my heart
And I'm glad you're
in my life again

On Mother's Day
Know my life is richer
with you in it again

On Birth Mother's Day
I want you to know
I am always here


You gave me life
and planted the roots
of who I am
On Mother's Day it is
my wish that both
our gardens bloom brightly

To my first mother
A flower long dormant
blooms with care & attention. On this special day I celebrate what we have now
Happy Mother's Day!

Mother, you raised
me as your own
knowing there was another.
On Mother's Day, my
love flows for all
you've been, all you've
done, all you are
and understanding my
garden is richer
with all its
roots and blooms

Thank you for being my
mother, and understanding
I have another
Happy Mother's Day


No matter our paths,
your footprint leaves
its mark on me
Happy Father's Day

to my first father...
I'm glad to be exploring
new frontiers with you
Happy Father's Day



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