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The loss of a parent
known only for a time
leaves heart and soul
heavy & grieving
Know I am thinking
of you
and wishing you well
The sun will rise again

the loss of a parent
never known
hangs like a shadow
light will shine once again

At the end of the search
You stand on the shore
Grieving the loss of
the one you sought out
One day you will look
a bit deeper inside
to find they are
with you in spirit

is the time
we now have


Thank you for
finding me. Glad to
be part of the fold



Congratulations on
re-connecting with your roots! May it all bloom beautifully

Congratulations on
your new family!
May you thrive and be
everything you want to be

The day you came
into our lives will
always be a celebration

extensive...are the roots
that connect us
I am glad


So much to take in...
I need a little time

now that I know you

When I look in the
mirror I see a reflection
that includes you

having two mothers
so complex, so simple
love is love

some days my
favorite Martian is me

Grand Detour
has led to a road
with an extra lane

filling in the blanks
creates a clearer picture

is the landscape before us

having two families
gets complex
I sometimes feel
a little beside myself

shifting sands...
changing tides,
coat the core of solid ties

#030 the end
of the tunnel
glows with hope

walls are sometimes
smaller than they appear

the answers could be
just around the bend


#043 knowing
who you are
and where you come from

the palette of reunion
includes rage


adopted person without
access to original
birth certificate


Orphan Mine
precious metals
are a commodity.
children are not

no one is ever
pulling the wool
over my eyes again

baby factory
going out of business
salenow in progress


Through fire, water,
and earth, the search
for self is unceasing

Thank you for all
you've done to plant
the roots of who I am



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