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miraculous...are the events
that brought us together


under the family tree...
a missing branch is back


the day we connected
was more incredible
than the sky falling

With you in it...
life makes sense now


reunion runs hot and cold
and everywhere inbetween


one year ago a blooming
began in a garden
long dormant
Happy Reunion Anniversay

meeting you sent me soaring
Happy Reunion Anniversary

The day we re-connected
will forever be a
celebration. May each
coming year continue
to enrich our lives.
Happy Reunion Anniversary


Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Air Reunion.
If you look out the right
side of the cabin, you'll
see just beyond Number
Eight, the most famous
of them all, Cloud Nine. 
  I'm on it!


Thinking of you
brightens my day

I think of you...often

Whenever you need
one, I am here

there is always a place
at the table for you

I'm still here ...
whenever you're ready

I recognize myself ...
in you

Hope you have a joyous
and animated holiday
season. No strings

Holiday spirit radiates
near and far.
Have bright season!

When the cat gets
out of the bag, celebrate!
Happy Holidays

Unlike Frosty,
family ties never melt
Happy Holidays

The holiday family tree
has room for everyone

To my first mother,
No matter our paths,
it's nice to know we're
in the same patch now
Have a
wonderful birthday

To my first mother
life is richer with you in it
Have a Happy Birthday

To my first father,
Thanks for adding
to the song of my clan
Happy Birthday!

To my first father,
glad we're ridin' in the
same fields these days
Happy Birthday!

To my daughter...
None of your birthdays
have been forgotten.
I'm overjoyed to share
all my best wishes
for this one now
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my
daughter. No matter our paths
you have always been in my heart. On this special day
know that you always will

To my son...
No matter how many
we have missed, I'm grateful to be
celebrating this one now
Happy Birthday

To my son...
In my movie you've
always been a star
Have a Happy Birthday

to my sister...
The years we missed
were in black & white.
Now we can celebrate
in color.

Happy Birthday!

to my sister...
We missed the sibling
rivalry stage
Let's not miss anymore
Happy Birthday!

to my brother...
We grew up with
different casts of characters. I'm glad we can now share the stage
Have a Happy Birthday!

to my brother...
We grew up hearing
different meal calls
Now we can sit at
the same campfire
Have a Great Birthday!


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